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Celtic Tuning for a Low Cost Remap?

Marks Jul 4, 2006

  1. Marks

    Marks New Member

    Hi all. Anyone know of, or have any recommendations for, Celtic Tuning? They are offering 1.9tdi remaps for £300 which seems pretty good value to me. Their website doesn't explain where they are based - I think they come to you. They claim to have developed their own software/maps. Just wondered if anyone has used them before and with what results.

  2. Tallpaul

    Tallpaul Member

    A company that nobody has heard of won't have developed there own software and be selling it for £300! They'll simply be buying generic maps from somebody like dimsport and uploading them to your car. That's not neccaserily a bad thing thing but i'd ask a few questions:

    What power/torque are they aiming for?
    Will your car smoke afterwards (overfueling)?
    What warranty has it got?
    Will they flash back to stock then reflash the ECU for free if you have any problems?

    The good thing about say REVO is that it's always better to diagnose a fault in stock mode. REVO allows you to switch between it's map and stock setting. Plus it's an international company with loads of dealers and very good customer support.

    For the sake of £200 i know where i'd rather put my faith.

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