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CD jammed error 1

MingeBlue Feb 21, 2010

  1. MingeBlue

    MingeBlue Member

    Hi, everytime I try toplay a CD in car its come back with an 'error 1', it sounds like it trying to load the disk but cant and is jammed I cant get any of the CDs out. Ive googled the problem and it seems quite common but I cant see much on fixing it, anyone else had the same problem and managed to fix it was it an effort, I assume I will need to pull the unit out from the dash ? Or does anyone know any place that can fix it around London ? I willing to have ago at it myself but I dont want to end up making things worse then they are
  2. djb83

    djb83 redline responsibly

    i've got a simalar problem somtimes when i turn the lights on it turns the cd off and comes up no cd think i'll get a new stero or i've got a wiring problem lol
  3. The Doctor

    The Doctor Well-Known Member

    I have the same problem. It's like a clicking noise, right? Sometimes it gets over it & plays the CD fine, other times it goes back to the start again. Pain in the ****, but not aware of any fix for it apart from replacing the head unit unfortunately.

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