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CD-Error 2 problem???

Jack829 Apr 12, 2003

  1. Jack829

    Jack829 New Member

    Greetings fellow S3 pilots,

    My Symphony keeps indicating an ERROR 2 with the CD's.
    It appears that this particular error refers to dust or scratches on the disc but on checking, the surface is dust and scratch free ???
    Anyone else had this problem and if so how do I fix it?


  2. Naresh

    Naresh Member

    Hi Jack - are you using CD-R's by any chance? Could be that the Symphony is a bit sensitive to this kind of media? Then again I'm not entirely sure thats true!

    Try using a lens cleaner - the type made up of a CD with brushes on it. This should clean any grease/debris built up on the actual lens. I find that keeping CD's in their cases when not in use and free from any dust helps keep the player clean too.

    I'm sure others have their own points to add but thats just my 2p's worth mate!
  3. Drill

    Drill Member

    I get it every now and then on my Concert 1 when using CD-R's. What works for me is to a) make sure the proper side is up, and b) make sure the 6-disc cartridge is firmly inserted. Since you've the Symphony, I would assume that b) is not applicable, so I'd say give a few tries and see if it doesn't work. If not, check other CD's to make sure they work.

    Not much help, I know, sorry /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif
  4. Jack829

    Jack829 New Member

    Thanks for the advice guys, I'll give them a go

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