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CD Changer

Rupen1 Dec 20, 2006

  1. Rupen1

    Rupen1 New Member

    I Just bought an Audi TT 225 quattro and the the CD changer doesnt seem to work!
    It keeps coming up with code ERR1 not sure what this means, the car is a euro import so all the manuals are in german! Any ideas anyone!

    and if its broke does any one know where I can get cheap one?
  2. ButchsTT

    ButchsTT Member

    The changer is not reading the disc I would replace it with a Phatbox you can store all of you cd's on the 20 gig drive take a look at ButchTT and you can get a look at the Phatbox plugs right into the same cables as the cd changer

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