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Cd Changer

exmx5 Aug 2, 2014

  1. exmx5

    exmx5 New Member

    Hi Guys, Could any one advise me. I am going to buy a 05 plate TT 1.8 on Sunday but my question is can any one tell me or give me the part No for the multi cd changer that is fitted in the boot (as the car I am buying it has been removed and wont come with the car) and how much should be expected to pay for one could I use a six cd changer from another Audi ?
    The car will need new pads all round is there any thing I should know about the handbrake adjustment any special tools required
    Is there any thing I should be looking for before I buy i.e rust pockets I know the cam belt will need changing at this current mileage I would expect it to cost between £300-£400 including idler pulley / jockey pulley water pump etc

    Could you advise me on engine oil spec synthetic / or semi

    Cheers and thanks
    EXMX5 (Alan)
  2. dzTT

    dzTT Active Member

    I might have my old cd changer still in the garage, I'll have a look at some point this week to see if its still there.

    You might be better/easier to fit an upgraded unit with ipod connections etc.

    Cam belt and waterpump should have been changed out a few years ago regardless of mileage (think its around 5 years or 60000 miles)
    If your looking for more TT related info head to the TTForum.co.uk or the TTOC.co.uk

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