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CD Changer loading problems

albarker01 Jan 6, 2009

  1. albarker01

    albarker01 Member

    Please could somebody help me here?!!! I have recently fitted an RNS-E to my 55 A4 Avant and all is working extremely well. I have acquired a 6CD Changer (8E0 035 111 - no letter after the part number so it is an early model) and wanted to fit it in the glovebox - the SD card slots in the RNS-E are a pain!!! I bought the changer cable (8EO 051 592B) as detailed in another very useful post and connected things up with the blue connector on the changer cable fitted to the PnP socket on the RNS-E and a slight mod to pin 12 with the earth piggy back as per the instructions with the adapter cable. Well good news and bad news!! The RNS-E recognised the CD Changer (put the Nav DVD as Disk 7 and shows CDs 1 - 6 empty) and the cd changer sort of fired up. It went through what appeared to be a load cycle with all the disk load buttons flashing in sequence - the storage unit moved up and down and then went silent though lights remaines lit. Now the bad news - I cannot physically load and CDs. When I press the load button the player goes through that loading cycle but there appears to be a mechanical block which prevents me from pushing the cd into the player. Am I missing something here or is it something basic like the 8E0 035 111 is incompatible with the RNS-E and I need a later model number? Is the cd changer kaput or have I messed up the wiring - all other functions on the RNS-E work fine.
    Grateful for any help

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