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CD changer brackets

manwithbins Jan 17, 2005

  1. manwithbins

    manwithbins New Member

    I bought a CD changer off Ebay recently and all is fine, apart from the brackets to fix it into the car.I ordered all the bits from Audi (thought it would be easy this way) but I have 2 brackets which I don't think I require.I have a large box-type recepticle which houses the jack and tools also.This bolts to the floor using a bracket by the lashing eye, and on to the section leading up to the inner wheelarch.The 2 brackets i have left are part no. 8D5 035 113D, and look like some kind of spacer plates to me. Anyone have any pictures or ideas which may help me? My car is a 1997 model. Thanks.

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