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CCTuning Remap 1.9TDIe - VPower Diesel

smbAudi Oct 31, 2011

  1. smbAudi

    smbAudi Member

    Guys for those that may or may not be interested I thought I'd share my remap experience of this engine. My experience is slightly different in that apart from 1 tank I have used VPower Diesel since brand new. Personally I felt the difference, in standard form, between standard and VPower diesel and though few had doubted it's difference today it was confirmed there was a difference from using the fuel. Chris @ CCTuning notice the power curve was a lot smoother peaked earlier in the rev range than most 1.9's.

    In standard form the car achieved 118.8bhp and 211.1lb/ft of Torque. Chris advised it is quite common to see these engines around the 115 mark so 118 is pretty good as a standard 1.9.

    Post remap the car achieved 154.2bhp and 266.7lb/ft of Torque which is brilliant considering Audi say it has 105bhp standard. Chris said it is possible to get more bhp out of the engine but of course with sacrificing potential reliability issues, especially with the turbo.

    The map is perfect for my needs anyway and this being my first experience of one I'm over the moon with it!

    Needless to say I highly recommend Chris @ CCTuning for his knowledge and experience with VAG cars and is very good value for money!

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