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Caution with the Neuspeed Anti roll bar

Austineer Dec 16, 2004

  1. Austineer

    Austineer King of cabs ;) Audi A3 Audi Cabriolet Owner Group TDi


    Just to keep you informed on some issues I have had with my cars suspension the last few weeks. If you havent already noticed I issued a thread previously thinking that I thought my springs had snapped. This resulted from my car making awfull load noices (groaning & bottoming out) from the back end and was sitting an inch lower on the drivers side, then seemed to be leveling out randomly.

    Thinking that this was caused by the springs as they were the only items that actually holds the weight of the car I thought sod it and uprated the springs & shocks at the same time. I had the springs & shocks fitted when I was in work and when I picked up the car the trusted guy I had which done the job said there seemed nothing wrong with either the old springs or shocks or any of the suspsension links or mounting arms.

    Slightly strange I thought quickly checked that my car was level with the new bits of which it was and drove off. On the way home the car was creaking like an old bed yet again and when I got home I looked at the car and it was an inch or more down on the drivers side again.

    Now really confused and [censored] off I rang the guy who changed the bits and drove straight back up there. When I got the the car was only 1/2 inch down on the drivers side but was still sounding awfull. Thinking the worst I was praying that the chasis or supsension mountings wasnt f**ked as I could think of what else would effect the ride hight of the car.

    Then I was thinking that the only thing that had been touched on the back end of the car was the neuspeed rear ARB which I fitted 9 months ago. So looked at the bar which seemed ok however the polyetherthane bushes seemed a little frayed and worn. So We jacked the car up loosend the bushes and re-applied anothe coat of silicone grease of which had completely worn off.

    Jacked the car up from the rear and dropped it suddenly a few times using hydraulic jack and noticed the noise decrease each time untill it completely stopped. Drove the car home and around for a day and now the car is level (touch wood).

    So the theory is that the poly bushes were gripping the rear ABR so tight that it was holding the weight of one side of the car in position then flicking back to normal in a cycle of movement dependant of the driving of the car. So in summary then:-

    The creeking bed like noise came from the bushes.

    The bottoming out like noise came from the ABR braking the friction of the bushes and flicking back into position

    The height differece came from the ABR being twisted from driving and being pinched and held in place by one of the bushse holding the one side of the car down

    This has really nnoyed me now as if you guys didnt know I have had problems with my turbo upgrade and with christmas coming am extremely overdrawn now so didnt want to buy and suspension bits which I didnt actually need. There is a little positive that has come out of this though as the car truely handles unbelievably well. With a slight touch of oversteer the thing just eats up corners of any type and would be a good match for anything.

    So any comments or previous experiences on this would be appreciated. Plus is anyone interested in a set of sport springs & shocks (60K on them) at a good price?

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