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Catalytic Converter 1.8 T ?

oneninet May 28, 2008

  1. oneninet

    oneninet New Member

    :sos:Hi folks
    I have a high mileage (190 k KM ) 1.8T 190 ,recently it suffered multiple coil pack failure, the EML is now on . VagCom tells me I have "Catalyser below efficiency thresholditis " .Am I right to assume having cleaned both sensors located on the cat, that with the high mileage and pouring unlit petrol into a hot cat I need a new one ?
    I have found a replacement cat at GSF (part number 21544 ) , however it is listed as for a B5 ,03. Not my 04 B6.
    I have searched far and wide on the net for a cat and no catalogue lists a 04 1.8T BEX ,has anyone used this part for a 1.8 T B6?:bye:
  2. evilscotsman

    evilscotsman Space Cowboy

    putting raw fuel through a hot cat is fatal.

    Replace the cat and move on :)

    Seriously tho i've seen universal cats for £100 and under, might be worth a search on google.

    Cant you see a pic of the new cat and tell if its the same flange angle etc?
  3. oneninet

    oneninet New Member

    many thanks scotsman I think you are on the right track:slapped:

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