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  1. PaulBelsham

    PaulBelsham Member


    Anyone ever heard of this product ?
    I was watching the shopping channel the other day and it was being advertised. They were showing some very impressive tests. They had this two year old Merc which would have apparently failed its MOT due to emissions, however they poured this stuff into the petrol tank and the emissions dropped by nearly 70%.

    I have no intension of buying the product as I'm quite sceptical about petrol additives, I was just wondering what all your views are, also who's car on here has failed its 1st MOT due to emissions ?
  2. Grant

    Grant Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Audi RS3

    I saw it advertised as well! I'm a sucker for watching the home shopping channels!

    I've only ever had one car fail an MOT, but that was because I swapped the cat for a straight piece of stainless steel tubing!

    Once the cat was back on it passed no problem.
  3. teknobod

    teknobod Member

    My mate owns an MOT station and IIRC he stated that the government figures for CAT test passes at an MOT are about 95%.

    I also saw the ad and very much doubt that a 2 year old Merc would fail a CAT test.
    The other thing I noticed was the temperature on the screen when the test was performed was about 24 degrees and the CAT test should be performed with the engine at full operating temperature which I believe is 60-80 degrees.

    They can use TV advertising to prove whatever they want at the end of the day!!

    Just my 2p worth.


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