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CAT replacement 1.8 T BEX

oneninet Oct 6, 2008

  1. oneninet

    oneninet New Member

    I don't know if this appeals to any one but I had to replace the cat on my car . It appeared I had two choices , give the old cat and €700:puke: to my local Audi stealer who was doing me a favour :faint: or donate €220 to GSF for a replacement part + post . The GSF part (funnily enough this is the option I chose ) fitted perfectly even though the job itself was a bit of a pig :(
    The GSF part was about half the weight of the OE cat so i wouldn't think this one will last another 200 k km ! but hey ho needs must and all that:laugh:
    I must say though having worked on a variety of my own cars the Audi split apart relatively easily , a testament to the fabulous build quality so if you have to do it you could quite easily manage it yourself with some reasonable skills and determination and a cut down 22 mm spanner for the second O2 sensor :whistle2:

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