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Car's starting to shake, what could this mean?

Mason-A3Sport May 10, 2009

  1. Mason-A3Sport

    Mason-A3Sport Audi Sport

    My Audi A3 Sport 1.9 TDI PD130 is starting to shake slightly when sitting in neutral more so when its cold, it's never been like this before and for some reason when i put the clutch down it stops. When i drive the car it feels absolutely fine, and the car hasn't been thrashed. My last service history was done by Audi about 1000 miles ago, i noticed they had wrote, catalyst may need replaced upon next service due to minor hole, could this be the cause? Doe's anyone else have this problem on there diesel, and has anyone got any ideas as to what it could be? I no its a diesel and they are suppose to be a bit more rough then petrol's but something is definitely up and i want to get the problem sorted without it getting worse. Id appreciate it if i could hear your advice. Cheers :salute:
  2. Biggied

    Biggied They called him mellow yellow.

    If your A3 1.9 PD is shaking @ idle its gona be your Flyweel or a Fuel injector, I'd suspect flyweel if depressing the clutch makes a differance. a quick check of the value blocks via a diagnostic check should rule out an injector.

  3. Mason-A3Sport

    Mason-A3Sport Audi Sport

    Thanks a lot for the advise :thumbsup:
  4. abdus

    abdus Top Gear VCDS Map User

    you said it yourself :p

    sorry, couldn't help it

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