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Cars finally getting fixed

Patrick_c99 Jul 14, 2013

  1. Patrick_c99

    Patrick_c99 Member

    So for a while now the car hasn't been quite right. Had the car scanned eventually and had bad injector readings. Also found out why my fuel filter was always black after a short while, which is my fuel pump is drawing oil back into the system. So on Friday my car is going in for fuel pump change. Cambelt adjustment to set up torsion value. And full service. Plus I'm fitting new glow plugs and injector loom on Saturday. Then come Tuesday its off to the body shop courtesy of kwikfit (b******s) for the repair of they seal the crumpled and few other scratches while its in there. And there having to rent me a courtesy car 😃 then all that's left is a clutch master cylinder. Which then will mean il be able to start modding her 😃

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