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  1. JoshSimpson

    JoshSimpson New Member

    In my Avant sport i have the genuine rubber mats but I'm wanting a set of genuine carpet mats as the rubber doesn't feel very homely.

    My question is: What colour is the carpet? As in when i go to audi do they ask what colour mats do i want or is it just one colour? Im not sure if audi class it as 'black' as its more a really dark grey/anthracite colour. I placed a mat from my mk5 golf gti in to see but those mats are jet black the same as the rubber ones so i don't think the colour is black.

    Probably the most confusingly worded question ever but any help/part number would be grateful.

    Thanks, Josh
  2. PAULF

    PAULF Active Member VCDS Map User

    When I got mats for MrsPaulFs' B5 from Audi, they had the registration - with the interior codes, and we had a short chat over the phone along the lines of
    Me "I want some mats, what colour are they?"
    Audi "Hang on, I think it's xxxx or yyyyy"
    Me "xxxx sounds like it could be the one"
    Audi "Hmmmm, let me look....... Ok, seems about right"
    Me "Good-o. Please relieve me of all these beer tokens"

    It was very easy.
    Can't remember the cost but think it was about £40 for a set of 2 front ones, a little less for the back ones. (I would guess B6 & B5 mats cost would be similar)
  3. JoshSimpson

    JoshSimpson New Member

    Thanks, wasn't sure if they would have anything like that so id end up ordering the wrong colour.
  4. Andi25th

    Andi25th Member

    I have a greyish carpet in mine and when ordering Genuine mats i just got given black. Fortunately it goes with the rest of the black interior.

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