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Carpet cleaning??

Nezzy Jul 20, 2011

  1. Nezzy

    Nezzy Member

    Right. So my A3 has the horrible greyish/beige carpet at the mo.
    The previous owner left the carpets filthy, so my questions are
    1: What product/s would you use to remove dirt/staining from the carpets?
    2: What method should I use and
    3: Would a steamer be of any advantage to bringing out any deep down dirt?

    I've read various bits online about not using too much water and not scrubbing and instead dabbing but thought I'd check before wasting my time and making it worse.

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. JimC64

    JimC64 Active Member


    How about hoovering it first to remove loose dirt / grime etc then a fairly liberal soaking with an APC and if possible, using a high pressure blow line to force the dirt out?
    I've read of people using similar processes and it sounds on the money.
  3. John @ PB

    John @ PB Member

    Meguiar's All Purpose Cleaner is the perfect product for this. Meguiar's All Purpose Cleaner | Meguiar's Car Care & Detailing Products

    Spray it on (dilution 10:1 water/product) and agitiate it thoroughly with a stiff brush: Meguiar's All Surface Interior Brush | Meguiar's Car Care & Detailing Products

    You might need a couple of applications but this should definitely do the trick. You can use it at 4:1 for really bad stains. Blot the carpets dry with a microfibre towel then hoover to remove excess moisture.

    Once clean and dry, a fabric protectant will make life easier in the future: 303 High Tech Fabric Guard | 303 Car Care & Detailing Products

    With floor mats, they can be pressure washed first before using All Purpose Cleaner. Just make sure they're left to dry in a warm environment for around 4 days before going back in the car.

  4. Nezzy

    Nezzy Member

    Thanks guys. Will give it a go next weekend when the products arrive. :)
    I dont know if the previous owner just enjoyed throwing mud and dirt about
    but they certainly didn't like cleaning the carpets... Scummers :)

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