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Cardiff Audi have turned my drama into a crisis!

LynneC Jan 11, 2008

  1. LynneC

    LynneC New Member

    I have had a 53 reg A2 for just over a year. I quite liked it, generally speaking (until this week) – it has some annoying quirks, which, from what I’ve read, are fairly common – it pulls to the left, there’s a knocking sound when pulling away, it sticks in reverse every so often – but nothing dramatic.

    Then, a couple of weeks ago, my other half complained to me that the hazard lights on the car had turned themselves on, on their own, whilst he was at work – he walked back to his car park at the end of the day to find them flashing away merrily. This happened a couple more times, including during journeys, culminating, early this week, in an aborted trip to work where they were coming on every couple of seconds, & he had to practically hold his thumb on the button all the way to Cardiff Audi to seek help.

    Fair play to them, they took the car in on the day and said they would look into it. However, for what appeared to be a minor electrical problem, I was mortified to have to pay £440 to get it – allegedly – fixed; they said it was some control unit or other (NB. not the engine management system, something else) that they’d had to replace. But you can guess what’s coming next…

    I walked out of my front door this morning to find the hazard lights flashing away on their own again. Off we go back to Cardiff Audi (more time begged off work) – and now, not only am I £440 out of pocket with no resolution to my problem, but they have now quoted me just under £1,300 more to – supposedly – fix it, this time by replacing the front door looms, which they say appear to have ‘evidence of slight water ingress’ – hence a total cost (assuming the second attempt at fixing it works) of a tenner shy of £1,750 to stop the hazard lights turning themselves on! Is it me, or is this totally ridiculous, for a four year old car, bought for under £10k, that is one month out of its dealer purchase warranty?
  2. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    If you were to complain to Audi UK i recon you would stand a chance of some re-imbersment seeing as it is only a month out of warrenty
  3. spike

    spike New Member

  4. mac1403

    mac1403 Member

    I used Cardiff audi once......only once!!
    They are absolutely ****. When my car went in for a service they didn't sort any of the problems and off their own back changed a load of stuff without telling me. I only found out when I went to pay the bill. They were also the ones who told me the cambelt would not need changing untill 120,000 miles. It wasn't untill the discussion over this got quite heated that they let me see the service schedule book and I pointed out they were looking at 120,000 km.
    Anyway, sorry for the rant....just bought back bad memories. I wrote to Audi UK and complained. They then refunded the extra I had paid. They also let me get the cambelt changed with the parts at cost.
    They may be a big company, but a few words in the right places may see you get a result.
    Good luck
  5. jeffers999

    jeffers999 got boost

    I also used them once and i state only once would`nt use them again, but then they where good on parts when i ordered them they where here the next day ..
  6. m40rcd

    m40rcd Sunny Delight

    I use sinclairs , and very impressed with them, especially as its done on the fiddle, and stamped etc
  7. LynneC

    LynneC New Member

    Thanks for all the feedback, everyone - gratefully received. I'm not letting them get away with this without a fight... :keule:
  8. magenta

    magenta New Member

    I completely agree with everything you said about audi Cardiff. A waste of time. A bunch of twits wearing suits who know little about customer service. They just do not seem to listen.

    In 2007 - I paid £740 to repair my mother's AUDI A2 which had a faulty EGR and Lateral acceleration sensor fault. They charged me near £500 just for labour. I will never go back to them again. The only "Use" I have for them now is to telephone the parts department and get specific prices and part numbers for any faulty parts that I may now need. I have now found a guy who works for VW and is absalutely brilliant. I am able to get free on board diagnostics and half price labour charges.

    I am very fortunate that AUDI CARDIFF turned me away when they did, so that I could find somebody new to resolve all my motor maintenance headaches.

  9. FeldmannF

    FeldmannF New Member


    I totally agree that Audi Cardiff are just **** and a total rip off, I came here with my sis A3 and someone vandalized my wingmirror over night, so I took the car there in good faith. Result 160 pounds to Remove the broken mirror, no parts incl. just for removing!! So I just ordered the parts and fixed it myself. (the man for the parts was the only good I can say about them).
    Now the car needs service, it is a 2006 with 25000 miles can anyone recommend a good place for the service. I thought of Sinclair VW since Audi is part the VW group anyways.

    Thanks for any help

  10. CocnutMacaroon

    CocnutMacaroon New Member

    firstly, I'd want the £440 back, as the problem was not resolved first time round, secondly I'd download the manual and electrics manual from here and trace the problem.

    Also, do they flash after heavy braking, as I recall them to come on in an emergency ie, heavy braking. So this may lead to something failing on that side of things, possible sensor etc???
  11. colicabcadam

    colicabcadam Guest

    demand a refund, they did NOT supply the service you asked for, contact trading standards and send them a CCJ

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