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Caractre Cabrio Boot Spoiler?

Illusion-Paul Jul 16, 2012

  1. Illusion-Paul

    Illusion-Paul Member

    Has anyone got a photo of the Caractre boot spoiler for the Cab?

    I am thinking about a spoiler and wonder what it is actually like,anyone seen one before?

    Also, any other options? i know i could get a std S-line one, but fancy something different

  2. Joe_Murphy21187

    Joe_Murphy21187 S-Tronic

    I googled this but can't see anything that looks aqny different for the B7 cab? Found a pic of a B8 with one, saloon though, and a couple for the B7 avant/saloon, but will no doubt be a different shape. Are you looking to buy direct? If so surely the manufacturer will be able to provide you with some fitted pics??

    Just an opinion, but when the roof is down I don't think a spoiler would look right on the cab...

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