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Car vibration when accelarating

totopsgr Mar 9, 2007

  1. totopsgr

    totopsgr New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Got a Multitronic gearbox, on my A4 3.0 convertible. Lately when I accelate no matter the rpm I get vibrations which vary in intensity (sometimes it feels like the car is shaking). Its not only on the wheel. You can feel it wherever you are in the car. Any ideas what might be wrong? Is it the gearbox? or could it be something else? Additionally sometimes I hear a loud "click" noise coming from the right front wheel, when I start accelareting while turning, but this does not seem to relate with the vibration which is constant during accelaretion. When I lift my foot from the gas pedal the car runs smoothly..

    Sometimes (very rarely)when I put the reverse the whole car starts shaking and making loud noises at which point I quicly put the gearbox to "P" in order to stop the problem. After that the reverse operates normaly.

    Any ideas? Where I am the car mechanics are useless (Middle East) and whenever I get the car to them they seem to create problems instead of fixing them.



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