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Car tax rebate?

Matt2010 Nov 15, 2010

  1. Matt2010

    Matt2010 Member

    Kind of off topic but...

    I'm trading a car i bought from new in the summer for a used S3 so was my trade in was subject to 'showroom' tax plus the regular £405 tax for the car itself.

    The Audi dealer told me the tax was mine to claim back as dealers can no longer take the tax but wasn't sure if i'd get any rebate on the showroom tax.

    Am i right i thinking i'm only going to get back the 6 months on the regular car tax and the showroom tax will stay in the taxmans pockets?
  2. beanoir

    beanoir Large Member

    I think you are correct there, I can't imagine you can claim back the "showroom" tax as they call it. Thats like claiming back the VAT I paid on a packet of crisps I never ate!

    You can get a rebate on the road tax, but not on the showroom tax. Unless you are self employed then there may be some loophole that will help you.

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