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car stereo - wired in correctly? I think not...

imported_bpascua Aug 6, 2004

  1. imported_bpascua

    imported_bpascua Guest

    Hello All,

    I posted this a while back but I have more info now. My Audi A4 (96) has a retro fitted Grundig SCD 1910 RDS cd player fitted (from a ford possibly). It does the job and sounds fine and suits the dash. But I thought it wasnt wired in correctly for the following reasons -

    1. if i switch the engine on the stereo needs to be turned on manually.
    2. if I switch the engine off (while stero is on) the stereo doesnt switch off at all, has to be done manually.
    3. When driving along with stereo on, after exactly one hour the stereo will switch itself off. It does this every hour.

    Today I removed the stereo and it appears to have have an Audi loom plugged straight into the rear of the stereo - no hankey pankey or bodging at all.

    I assume there is nothing that can be done and this stereo just doesnt interface correctly with the audi loom?

    Any thoughts?


  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    The unit thinks it isn't getting an ignition live, so requires manual turn on/off and will switch off after an hour.
    You need to check that you've got an ignition live on the ISO plug, usually a red with white stripe. Check this goes off when you remove the keys. Then reroute it to the switched live connection on the back of the HU (should be detailed on the top of the HU (as S-Kont).
    If this looks OK, it could be the Grundig doesn't use the S-Kont ignition on and relies on the CAN-BUS to tell it when the key is in the ignition, I doubt your 96 A4 supports CAN-BUS, but check if the K-BUS (or K) connection on the HU has a corresponding connection on the loom.

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