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Car specs for Uni Project

Smokey_clark Sep 25, 2012

  1. Smokey_clark

    Smokey_clark 12th Gear

    Hi guys,

    Need some info for a Uni project which i am running in Matlab simulink, quite fancy using the S3 for the source data?!
    I need the following specifications (Values in brackets are supposedly a Porsche 944):The engine maximum torque (170 Nm)
    The overall gear ratios. (Final drive ratio: 3.889, 1st: 3.6, 2nd: 2.125, 3rd: 1.458, 4th: 1.071, 5th: 0.828) – Use at least minimum of four gears
    The diameter of the wheels (600 mm)
    The mass of each wheel (10 kg)
    The vehicle (less wheels) mass (1000 kg)
    The moment of inertia of each wheel (0.4 kgm2)
    The vehicle frontal area, A, (2 m2 )
    The vehicle drag coefficient, Cd - this is only available for a small number of cars, however a reasonable guess is acceptable. (0.35)

    These example values are clearly approximate but the more accurate the better! (any references would be good also)

    Thanks alot guys.


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