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Car Sold Today!!!

L33TAY Jun 28, 2008

  1. L33TAY

    L33TAY Member


    The car has been back at the dealers I got it from for a month+ whilst they have been trying to sell it for me. Got a hire car as thought it would sell quickly due to spec etc.

    So, on Friday got pi$$ed off with them, sent the hire car back and picked the car up again, thought i'd drive it whilst it was still for sale.

    Got a call this am, they have taken a deposit on the car, so it goes on Mon!

    Will be looking at getting a facelift a few months after they have been out, would never get a new one again, although I got 11% off it initially, still have taken a fairly large hit on it after 4 months.

    On a different note, when the hell will Audi get the new S3 on the configurator, its a JOKE.

    Hope you're all still enjoying your S3's



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