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Car repaired

steve184 Mar 15, 2008

  1. steve184

    steve184 Active Member

    Finally got my car back after having the damage to the rear bumper sorted and a new rear offside wheel.

    When i tok it in i was adamant that i didnt want them to blend paint down the sides of the car - so they havent. They have said they have got the best colour match they possibly could without doing this. Looks ok in daylight i guess (perhaps an absolute tiny tad different but you have to look closely - but in artificial light the difference is slightly more.

    Some other things i have noticed (which I would like someone to confirm if poss) is:

    Rear light clusters seem to have a bit of a gap along top edge between the rear quarters - nearside one under certain conditions i can see right inside to the workings - must be 1.5mm gap or so - dont remember this being like this before - they assure me its right because only one way the lights can be refitted. Can i confirm that there is no seel thats meant to be in this gap where the light sits on the bodywork.

    The side of bumper which was damaged doesn't feel as well fixed tot he car as the other side, ie, if you pull the edge nearest the wheelarch it moves out or in, whereas the other side feels pretty solid with very little movement possible.

    Thoughts please - can't decide if im happy or not - dont feel happy but dont know if im being too fussy and expecting it 'factory perfect' when in all honesty its never going to be right? Or perhaps its just the 'repaired car' blues.

    I used an audi approved repairer btw.
  2. stan

    stan Member

    If your not happy get back & tell them, just see what they have to say, bumper shouldnt move about.
    When i had a rear light cluster removed, it never looked the same as the other side, with the gaps around the edges often thought about refitting it myself or loosening the screws see if it will move about abit.
    I'm always too fussy but if i dont go back & say something its always on my mind.
  3. steve184

    steve184 Active Member

    hmmmm - i did mention it to them and they cast it of as ok and they just brushed over it as 'correct' - I'm going to phone my insurance and demand it be 'post repair' inspected to give me complete peace of mind - i am very particular, and it might just be me bein a bit paranoid but I really would prefer another opinion to satisfy my doubts.

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