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car ready for winter.......

JimC64 Dec 19, 2012

  1. JimC64

    JimC64 Active Member

    Ok, so maybe not totally ready for winter, but certainly a few changes made with an eye on the winter months ahead.

    Went to National Tyres today to get 2 new front tyres fitted.......called Aly on the way hoping for a meet, coffee and a chat / catch up would be good I thought.

    Turns out he was on the motorway heading my way......passed each other on the M80 and had a friendly wave....lol
    Maybe next time Aly?

    I replaced 2 front tyres today, my Continental Sport Contact 3's were down around 2.8mm with about 5mm on the back, enough for me to be concerned about changing them.

    So I went with the Barum Bravuris 2's 255 35 19 96Y XL at £299 for the pair, as against around £560 for the Conti's or similar which is what I would usually put on........money's tight n times r hard as I'm sure they are for everyone.

    See link below......

    Tyres: Barum bravaris 2 245 40 18 97 Y XL
    The car was washed n cleaned inside n out, fluids all checked, engine compartment cleaned etc too.

    I also added a new set of Bosch wiper blades at £40 for the set.....I got them from the dealer as I was there to get another few plastic wheel nut covers as one had come off and it was really annoying me....lol

    The wheel nut covers were only around £0.40p each, quite reasonable really I thought[​IMG]

    She's getting collected in the am tomorrow and will be away for a new thermostat to be fitted......It seems to have been running a little cold recently and taking time to get to temp.
    To be fair though she did seem to get to temp andstay there today, so maybe its just a sticky thermostat possibly about to fail, but I'm taking no chances and it'll be done anyway.

    They''re going to cheeck the steering wheel squeak while she's in......may be the slip ring may not, could just be the cowl needs adjusted so we'll see I guess..

    The door rubbers have all been treated with Autoglym vinyl rubber dressing, hinges / bonnet catches etc all greased

    Other than that she's pretty much all good I think [​IMG]

    What are you guys doing to your cars for winter.
  2. TYphoon GB

    TYphoon GB Active Member

    Opened up doors and greased the locks and window slides....cause they froze a week back.
    Checked the drain holes were still open in the front scuttle panel.
    Up'd the screen wash ratio..
    2 new rear tyres..

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