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Car Polishing Machine Meguiars

waxyclean Jan 31, 2013

  1. waxyclean

    waxyclean New Member


    The new Meguiars G220v2 is the Dual Action polisher to spend your pennies on, with it's upgraded features like accessable brush change ports on the sides, canvas bag, included Soft Buff 2.0 backing plate and it's amazing internal feedback circuit that increases torque when any downward pressure is applied - this enables you to maintain a constant speed whilst polishing.

    For great discounts check out the G220V2 Kits.
    Main features include:
    • Convenient Meguiar's Canvas Bag
    • W68DA Soft Buff 2.0 Dual Action Backing Plate
    • Easy side-port access for quick brush changes
    • New rubber cord
    • 1800 opm – 6800 opm, the most versatile speed range in its class
    • Internal feedback circuit increases torque when downward pressure is applied
    • New upgraded v2 with Cruise Control
    • 1yr UK Manufacturers Warranty

    The most common issue of a dual action polisher is loss of rotation when pressure is applied during polishing. This issue is eliminated with the Meguiar's G220V2.
    This polisher has an internal feedback circuit that increases toque when downward pressure is applied. This amazing responsiveness gives the polisher greater power to remove imperfections in car paint.

    Speed Setting 1 - 1800 opm
    Speed Setting 2 - 2800 opm
    Speed Setting 3 - 3800 opm
    Speed Setting 4 - 4800 opm
    Speed Setting 5 - 5800 opm
    Speed Setting 6 - 6800 opm

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