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Car Park attendants

audipardner Jun 28, 2008

  1. audipardner

    audipardner Member

    Hi all, just come back from a bit of shopping and noticed that the attendants were taking photos of some cars. The one I noticed was, lets say, slightly occupying the next bay as his tyres were over the line. Not sure if his ticket had run out but if it hadnt can these wardens bill people for taking up an additional space or parking badly??
  2. sniperlover

    sniperlover Member

    From what i know,i think parking attendance can issue tickets for not parking proplerly.It happen to someone i know.
  3. Yes they can..

    I got done for parking over 2 bays in an empty carpark a few years back
  4. fingermouse

    fingermouse thats me

    if you put two tickets on your car can you have 2 spaces ???? lol

    just a idea as I never take my car to town due to narrow parking spaces.
  5. Shades

    Shades Member

    Yes, they can. Although I've known them not to enforce it. Like when my ex and I had been shopping we got back to her car all of 3 minutes late to find a penalty notice on it and the attendant was nowhere to be seen! Then we noticed a sodding great big red Dodge RAM pickup a few bays down occupying its own bay and most of the bay behind it. Had a quick look to see if it had two tickets, which it of course hadn't, and yet it hadn't recieved a penalty! The bloody hawk-eyed attendant spotted my ex's car (an unassuming little green Punto) yet failed to notice the planet-sized Dodge! :think:

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