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Car fails to start after being left at idle for a while

audipardner Dec 13, 2010

  1. audipardner

    audipardner Member

    Hi all, well, this has happened twice now but today after leaving the car at idle for about 20 mins (had only done a short trip to the gym), turning it off and then trying to start it again some 90 mins later it wouldn't fire up. It would crank but nothing else. So did what I had successfully done the last time and sprayed cold start on the inside on coil connectors - still to no avail.

    AA ma comes out, battery fine, and then sprays cold start via the air filter box (couldnt get the MAF off - too cold and dark!). It briefly turned over but only for a split second, so this proves that plugs and coils are ok. He then started to hit the fuel tank whilst I was turning it over and low and behold, it starts.

    He reckons it's the fuel pump and not the filter?? But what puzzles me is that the car will generally start fine but has now failed to start on a couple of occasions after I've let it run on idle. It does overfuel, just one of the annoying niggles I live with, and in all honesty it 'feels' like it's flooded??

    Any ideas guys and what would I experience if it was just the filter lets say, and as xmas is just around the corner I'm sure it will be the costlier of the two possibilities :crying:


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