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Car Delayed - possible problems ?

will-i-a-m Aug 25, 2010

  1. will-i-a-m

    will-i-a-m Member

    (sorry for the essae)

    It has now been 2 months just about touching 2 my car arrived 3 weeks ago and its yet to be in my hands the reason being in Cyprus everything closes for 2 weeks mid august so my car had to arrive the day before - typical - so now that everything has re-open i am still waiting for my car when i know its here - the dealer said i now have to wait till the end of the week do you think there could possibly be some problems that they are covering up or am i just thinking in too much detail ?

    Not only that - when i whent to put down a deposit submitted all the paper work i was told everything was approved through volks bank yada yada yada i now have to wait for the car to arrive, pick it up make the monthly payments job done, but i got a call 2 days ago from my local bank stating asking if i required finance under the impression everything was already sorted i said no definately not, called my dealer straight away and he also told me it must of been because we applied to a few banks in teh very beggining as well, i was like ok no problem, 2 seconds later i get a call back stating the finance is going through my local bank, (the whole time my dealer seemed oblivious to what was actually going on) with that being said i got very worried because in cyprus they require cypriot gurantors and lots of them for just about everything if your a foreigner. so i said to him ok what happens if they get declined, they have already been approved no chance of that, so the next day took a trip to the bank and they said there is a possibility it could be declined for both me and my partner who has also ordered a car, so straight from the bank to the garage to ask for an explanation.

    He told us there must be some confusion between the smaller branches and the main branches and what not, not that i feel any better after that, but he said not to worry everything has been approved, so we left it at that - BUT what if they get declined, my partner and i both sold our cars for deposits and we now have a hire car for the time being till we get the cars so if we do get declined - what are we to do ? after being promised from the very start everything was approved - and then receiving a call 2 days before saying its not. has this happened to anyone else ?

    On a positive note i have been told that i now i have 2011 model has anyone got any pictures of the changes that have taken place i know they are only minor but would be nice to see them.
  2. Karadjas

    Karadjas New Member

    I wouldn't worry about the week's delay. As you said everything shuts down so there is a bit of a backlog.

    I've no idea about the bank issue, sorry... Keep pestering them!

    I saw an MY11 A3 in the unicars lot round here, it had the chrome strips on the front side vents and the chrome bits on the door handles, like the A6. The new mirrors look great, no more dumbo ears!

    The interior gets an aluminium strip over the hazards/esp/extras button row, like the one that was already below those, and chromed mirror knob adjuster thingy. The RNS-E screen surround is now in gloss black as well.

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