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Car Crime continued..

A3ontheA3 Nov 19, 2007

  1. A3ontheA3

    A3ontheA3 New Member

    was out of town this weekend in Bristol seeing my daughter, well we went to the big shopping centre there and parked up in massive car park(Cribbs Causeway..??). after about 2 hours came back to find rear number plate had been knicked..!! go to report at the local police station and am told is quite a common, plates are stolen to order, similar car/year, and is big business. the police were pretty good, even though the Bristol area stations are not 'on-line' yet, you have to phone through to report, get a crime ref. number, they then update their database. I guess the front plate is easy to make yourself, even considering you now have to produce all documentation to have a plate made at shop, it is probable that the rear is the most likely identifiable.
    anyway all in all, it's very depressing, it will cost me money to fix and I have to be prepared for the likelihood of receiving penalties for offences committed by the our criminally minded fraternity.
    It's a pain in the ****..!! basically :nunu:
  2. Wes G

    Wes G Member

    Been reading a few similar stories of late, its really making me think of getting shot of my personal reg" but then I guess if they are going to do it to you it dosnt really matter what the plate reads???...there really is some lowlife in this sometimes nasty world!:motz: :aggressive: Trouble is there is not much in the way of punishment if or when they do get caught! Stupid laws!!! They need:gun2: !!!
  3. Detector

    Detector Just waiting for the green light

    I too was under the impression that you needed ID and also you must show the postcode of where the plates were made.

    Last week I finished the transfer of two plates, rec'd the certificate from DVLA to enable the plates to be made and ordered them online, no checks, no ID, nothing......
  4. magnus911

    magnus911 R8GGA

    Me too - went to a few popular high street retailers to have my plates made up...I went with certificate in hand but they wouldn't do it without my driving license! So I googled it - filled in what I wanted (could have had illegal spacing and fonts), didn't need any id etc and the plates arrived the next morning.

    Makes you wonder why they're nicking them.:cold:
  5. Twizzler

    Twizzler Active Member

    They usually nick them to put on a car they will use in the next day or so. There's no audit trail....
  6. synthdood

    synthdood Member

    Here in the Netherlands you can no longer have plates made easily. If you lose a plates (for whatever reason) you need to apply for new paperwork and you get assigned a new reg number that has an extra number on it (a small 1, 2, 3, etc) so you can see on the car if it has the original plates. The plates need to be ordered with a government approved manufacturer and can not be made by retailers anymore, so it is impossible to buy plates without going through the official channels.

    Whether these measures have made any difference in fraude/theft I don't know.

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