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car craft rip off

robtaylors Jun 18, 2009

  1. robtaylors

    robtaylors Member

  2. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    eh? what? er? How much? Has he just taken out 'loan' for a clio that is going to cost him 1K more than my 53 plate A3 2.0 FSi sport with 20k on the clock I bought about a year ago?
  3. Wai-Fan

    Wai-Fan Member

    Ouchhhh he got ripped off big time! I almost considered getting a car from Carcraft for my first car and then looked at the prices and left!

    That clio almost costs as much as my A3!
  4. yellowgti

    yellowgti Whats going to break next??... VCDS Map User

    i had a saab vector 54 reg 2.0t full sports pack, full electrics and it was top of the range and such a luxury car, we bought it as our golf gti was rubbish on fuel and we wanted something better to use on a daily basis so we found this saab adertised at 38mpg thats 18 more than we were getting out the golf, anyway price on the car was £22000 and we put £100 down spent all day there and drove away same day with the finance totalling £26000 however a few days later we realised that the 38mpg they said id does actually was more wrong than right! we drove at a steady 70mph in cruise control on a 70 miles motorway achieving around 18 miles per gallon and thrashing it doing about 10 mpg so anyway we spoke to carcraft and they said we could take it back as long as we had another car from them so we did that and bought a 53 reg corsa sxi, anyway still werent happy so we spoke to trading standards and after 6 months we got the corsa for free and all the £26000 dropped for the saab and £6000 dropped for the corsa! we paid about £1500 in the end for a 53 reg corsa sxi which we sold as a quick sale for £4000 whoop whoop!

    thats how ya get ur own back on carcraft! ;)

    forgot to mention the best bit, we had a r-reg golf gti colour concept in immaculate condition they wanted give us £800 for! we sold it to a guy from golfgti.co.uk for £3500 a week later and hes still got it and more than happy with it 2 years on!

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