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Car broke coolant problem

Byers Aug 5, 2013

  1. Byers

    Byers Member

    Hi there just wondering if someone could help me with a few problems I've been having with my 2.0 fsi a3 recently.
    Last week a red flashing coolant light and the fans full blast came on the car when I started it up from cold. The coolant was full and the light had went off so i then took it out for a short trip to which the temp jumped from 90 to about 120 for about 20 seconds so i pulled it to the side of the road turned it off and let it cool down. I checked the coolant and I had almost lost it all which with a visit to the garage turned out to be a broken water pump which was replaced along with a cam belt, service and a Mot, quite a hefty bill.
    Now 5 days later the lights on again from cold and the fans kicking in but coolant is full. Any ideas from anyone? Be much appreciated as I'm worried it may be the head gasket but then I don't really no anything mechanically about cars. I've only had the car about 8 month which drives great with only 40000 on clock
    Thanks Dean
  2. Chillout

    Chillout Active Member

    Sounds like an electrical fault maybe a dodgy coolant temp sensor if your plumbing is all good with a good flow and no air locks and your engine temp is ok scan the car for codes.
  3. Byers

    Byers Member

    Hi thanks for the quick reply.
    It's going back in the garage tomorrow mate so they could scan it. hopefully won't be something too expensive . The Plumbing is all good apparently i was told last time.
    I took off the sensor for the coolant and cleaned it before but no joy. I did notice stains around the spark plugs tho as my engine is usually very clean but I don't know if that was maybe from its last visit to the garage.
  4. OVRA3

    OVRA3 Well-Known Member


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