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Car alarm specialist???

ROLTYA3TURBO Dec 5, 2009


    ROLTYA3TURBO essex boy :)

    hi guys i'm back!haven't been on for a while due to moving but now i'm back but i need some help.
    the other night i tried getting into my car using the fob to disarm the alarm/immob but wouldn't work,tried the spare fob and the same thing.replaced all 4 batteries in the fobs and retried but yet again nothing!i have a keypad inside the car that the previous owner kindly didn't leave the code with the paperwork so at the moment i cannot disarm the alarm/immobiliser and therefore can't get to an alarm specialist.
    do any of you know of any good mobile alarm specialists in essex as close to romford as possible?need someone to come take a look asap as i need my car for work.
    many thanks in advance for any help/recommendations :happy:

    ROLTYA3TURBO essex boy :)

    right well an alarm specialist has just been and gone after taking a look at my alarm.basically the sigma cat1 has been linked up to the original audi alarm which he thinks was done at audi when new.all the wiring has been done in blackwire so he wouldn't have a clue what wire goes where so he can't just disconnect the alarm,great idea but a pain in the **** when all goes wrong.
    so now its eitha phone the local audi dealer and see what they can do or see if ny specialist could sort it out, so i'm now on the net sourching out a specialist in essex,do any of you have any ideas?recommendations?thanks
  3. tompearson

    tompearson It's all in bits

    Sigma should be able to supply you with a code that should unlock it if you provide the serial number, or a sigma dealer might be able to unlock it if needed if you can't find the serial. Apparently they can 'read' the led flashes.
  4. Westy

    Westy Well-Known Member

    That's a bad situation to be in mate! If I was you I'd speak to your local dealer and try to track down who fitted the alarm. If it was done at audi they might know who is most likely to be able to fix it.

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