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Car a aftermarket HU and amp with no ignition off drain battery??

mjsummer Dec 13, 2011

  1. mjsummer

    mjsummer Member

    Hi I have installed a 500w amp and new HU as the concert cd player died on me. I have the amp in the glove box with the thick red wore to the battery and earth to a screw behind the glove box . The blue switch wire runs to the HU and the green light only comes on when I press the on switch on the stereo. The stereo does not turn off with the ignition . Instead I have to press the off button each time. I know I could wire a ignition switch to the red wire so it did but when the stereo is off it has a small red standby light. The amp goes off with a small thud(guessing needs a better earth?) so I presume it's the same as if it went off with the ignition just a little inpractable. My battery went dead about a week after I had this set up . Is it a coincidence or maybe the battery was on its way out or the stereo did drain it? I have placed a new £92 heavy duty battery in (cheapest I could get locally) and have removed stereo and amp. The red cable from the battery is still there which is live at the other end but thy won't use any battery ? I'm trying my best to work out wether to take the car back to audio shop and say they screwed up the wiring!
    Any help appreciated
    Thanks mj
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

  3. Paul100

    Paul100 Member

  4. mjsummer

    mjsummer Member

    Hey Andy yes i did thanks

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