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can't select any gears

bilko0795 Dec 30, 2013

  1. bilko0795

    bilko0795 New Member

    As per title

    Just had a phone call from the wife saying that she can't select any gears so as a thought i told her to switch the engine off and try again well it worked, she could get the gears so to started the car and tried again no gears, turned of the engine gears ok she drove home ok with the gear changing ok, she also said that the blower wouldn't work and that she had gone through a huge puddle this morning being dark she hadn't seen it and that when she got home the blower stated working and the gears could now be selected with engine on. I am sum what baffled with this as it's the first S3 we have owned and i am more familiar with my S2 which as it's own niggles my first thought is oil or clutch or as the S3 got any known problems that i need to read up on.

    Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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