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Can't remove rain marks from sunroof

toastyhamster Sep 28, 2011

  1. toastyhamster

    toastyhamster Member

    OK , so quick catch up on where I am with my Audi.

    Bought from Gilders Sheffield, numerous arguments about paint finish culminating in me commissioning an independent paint report and Gilders finally fixing it, after around 6 attempts. Inbetween this I bought a Megs Tech Wax kit from Halfords and a microfibre cloth and did a bit of reading on here and had a go at detailing it. It came out ok except the Tech Wax smeared like hell and I realised I should have used a polish between washing and waxing.
    So, today I finally got round to having another go.
    Two bucket wash using Megs Wash and a decent microfibre towel
    R222 paint cleanser
    Tech Wax

    Couple of comments, despite reassurance that the towel (polishbliss) could be reused after being wrung out it left droplets which then dried quickly and left marks, so I think I need two or three towels to get the finish I'm after. R222 cleanser rocks. Tech Wax smeared again, but after a bit of trial and error realised that if I used my original (came with the Megs kit) towel it polished off like I was expecting. So, soon to be ordering more microfibre towels. That's gone in the wash now, I'm hoping tech wax won't screw up our clothes wash!

    The real reason for my post is that now I had a nice shiny car I needed to remove the rain marks from the panoramic sunroof. I had a quick go with the paint cleanser but no chance. "no probs" I though, I've got some old glass cleaner in the garage. No chance on that either, I even tried Mr Muscle glass cleaner and that made a tiny difference after rubbing for ages. Even a fingernail scraped along the glass won't shift them. They've invisible unless you stand on the sills and look through to the interior (no they're not on the inside!!), seems like it's been covered in some form of ultra rock hard wax that I can't shift, yet the paintwork has come up great and I can't see why it's any different.



  2. 5ean

    5ean S3 Owner VCDS Map User

    Maybe try a tar remove like Tardis or AG Tar and Glue remover?
  3. John @ PB

    John @ PB Member

    Are you drying with the Luxury Drying Towel? PB Luxury Drying Towel | PB Car Care & Detailing Products How's it been washed and dried?

    For buffing off product, a shorter pile microfibre is best; Poorboy's Deluxe Mega Towel | Poorboy's Car Care & Detailing Products

    It's best to wash your towels on their own (eg only towels in the wash, no clothes) and only use a liquid non-bio detergent with no fabric softener; fabric softeners cling to towels and when you then wipe the car, they can smear badly.

    For the marks on the roof, I'd clay them first; Meguiar's Quik Clay Kit | Meguiar's Car Care & Detailing Products then look an an abrasive product if need be after that.

  4. toastyhamster

    toastyhamster Member

    Thx. It's the luxury towel I'm using and the shorter pile with the Megs kit has proved excellent for removing the wax, need another one though. Both towels been washing in non-bio and left standing to dry, they're both good at what they do, I think for the bigger car I just need more than one of each. We don't use fabric softener on any extras, slightest hint of a strange chemical and my other halfs skin goes mental (she's allergic to the chemicals in match heads, the green baize on snooker tables and her own clothes (dye) amongst other things).
    Might have some time tomorrow to try some other products, will let you know how I get on.

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