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Can't Live With, Can't Live Without......

jpeterman Apr 20, 2008

  1. jpeterman

    jpeterman New Member

    I'm considering coming back to S3 ownership after a couple of years in beemer-land. I'd inherited a 53-plate E60 530d, which although is a fantastic motor, has proved very costly to keep on the road. BM servicing is an absolute killer, and with a new set of run-flats needed every year at £200 a go has left my wallet looking like a souffle which has failed to rise - very thin and pathetic looking.

    I had a 51 plate 8L S3, a model which still looks very fresh, and (in my opinion) far better looking than the 8P model. As far as I can tell, the 8L still has a relative rarity value as well, since I see many 8P's on the road every day now, but an 8L comes along once a week if I'm lucky, and makes for a far more special sight - an occasion, even, almost on par with spotting B5 RS4, which has been rendered special by the saturation of the new B7 RS4.

    My worry about going back to the original S3 is that I'm shoring up expensive maintenance and servicing bills by choosing a car that, by design, is ten years old. Right now, for example, I'm looking at a 51 plate Nogaro Blue model (my favourite colour) with only 38k miles - seemingly a steal at c. £11k, but perhaps not if there are any age issues to be worked in - i.e. chassis issues, turbo age, paint blistering on the boot and sills, clutch, etc. I appreciate the cam-belt and water pump won't be for at least another 20k miles or so, but was wondering if there were any other age-related issues to be wary of?

    Incidentally, the model I'm looking at is with Sheffield Audi, reg. "S3 BLO", which suggests a possible enthusiast. I was wondering if anyone had knowledge of this car.
  2. GT130

    GT130 Member

    I would guess if you put aside a 500-1000 quid on top of the purchase price then you will have everything covered.......if you get change back after running for 6 months then all well and good.

    I would guess buying from Audi the car would have a decent warranty and they would have sold to trade if it was not upto scratch......should be ok I would have thought....enjoy
  3. klepto

    klepto Member

    The car will be nearly 7 years old so cam belt may not be such a bad idea if its never been done, I bought a 99 1.8T with 17k on the clock but have done then cam belt regardless, just to be on the safe side! Rest of the wear will vary depending how it been driven I guess! Maybe you could get the garage to do a cambelt change if the service shows it wasnt done seeing as Audi reccomend every 4 years i believe?
  4. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

    coilpacks,corrosion on roof rails bumper strips bottoms of doors,alarm not loud enough,when hot the door says open when closed,spluttering on cold start-up randomly.
    just a few issues I have noticed popping up frequently
  5. simch

    simch Active Member

    As an ex beemer driver, make sure yo leave a few quid to have the audi indicators professionaly dosconnected!! LOL

    There is a good buying guide on here for S3,s IMO avoid the early prefacelifts now, they are getting older, cheaper and unfortunately some are being driven by people who maybe dont appreciate the need to look after them as well.

    If you hunt about, there are still a few 03 and 53 imports about with sunroofs and leather etc for about 1500 quid less than a lower spec official car.

    But at the end of the day, the motor is a 18T that they have sold millions of, and its VW golf/ Seat Leon parts bin stuff on the s3, so prety much anything that goes wrong will have ahppended before to someone and you shold be able to get it sorted with some freee help!


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