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Can't get the tracking done!

robonmac Apr 19, 2007

  1. robonmac

    robonmac Member

    I've just had the audi 2.0 16v coupe in for its tracking as the outer edges on the tyres wear out miles quicker than the rest of the tread.But the chap said that it was so far out that he couldn't do it.
    Now i knew something was a miss because the car has been pulling slightly to the left and has had a front end prang in it's youth but everything seems ok underneath and the repair was obviously a pretty good job.I have changed the ball joints and wishbone bushes and two of the subframe bushes even the strut top mounts to try and combat any wear and to tighten up the steering but when driving there is still what can only be described as a wuff wuff wuff wuff noise, a bit like when you have the sunroof open a little and you get that baffle kind of sound.Some of the sound/feel does transmit through to the steering wheel but only a tiny amount and there is little judder even at high speed, the tyres are new and even so the old ones did pretty much the same,any ideas?
  2. scotty33

    scotty33 Member

    I don't understand why he could not do the tracking, maybe he was making excuses, because these Audis can be a pig to adjust?
    I would try to free off the adjusters yourself, the locknuts need to be loosened,
    there are 2 locknuts each side, one is r/hand thread and the other is l/hand thread.
    When these are loosened off, the adjuster is still locked by the tapered sleeves that the locknuts hold in place.
    To release these, you need to drive the sleeve off the taper (i.e. toward the locknut that you just slackened).
    Now you are in with a chance of adjusting the track rod length off the 14mm hexagon in the centre, one way shortens, other way lengthens the track rod.
    If they are well stuck it's not too difficult to take them off the car, just need to adjust the steering position to get best access to the inboard ends.
    If you don't have the facilities, try to apply some penetrating oil to them for a few days, then take it to another alignment place?
    The position of the front subrame could be an issue, it is adjustable, and could cause alignment problems, but I don't think it would cause both wheels to 'toe in'
  3. Sinny71

    Sinny71 S55 LKS

    If you know the car has had a knock somewhere along the line I think you'd be best getting it checked on a jig. Something only needs to be slightly bent or off line to make any normal adjusting pointless.

    If nowt else it'll put your mind at rest and rule one thing out.
  4. IN-A3

    IN-A3 Member

    Dont forget to check to camber as it can be adjusted too.

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