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Can't Bass this any more!

imported_knightmare Mar 23, 2006

  1. Hey guys

    I'm planning to add a new sub using the wiring from the rear 7" subs (non-Bose system) on my '96 A8Q

    ive read through some of the older posts of people who intalled custom subs and i have a few questions.

    What do you guys suggest

    Option 1

    BTX 250 (2 10" subs, amp and crossover with controls) package tube sub

    Option 2

    CS-1200T tube Sub
    Soundstream 2ch. Amp
    custom wiring
    crossover (Required?)

    Options 3

    Your suggestions?


    1) Audi Radio code - is the radio code a 4 digit number? Nothing metioned on the radio card but a CD changer authorization number and another 4 digit number mentioned on the service booklet

    2 How do i get all the bass to the sub instead of it beign reproduced along the other speakers?

    3) Does the existing(non Bose) system have a built-in crossover ? if so where would it be located?

    4) Jacobs has a product that can be connected ot the exisitng wiring to add an RCA Audio in to the system. i need this for the new Capruter ive built. Although im a little worried about the port of the VAG controller. Will there any problems if i splice the wires? I believe there connected in some way.
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    1. Yes a 4 digit number, should be on the radio card
    2. You can't without installing crossovers to all speakers, just turn the bass down to -2 and whack up the sub a bit.
    3. The Xover is in the sub amp, not sure where that is on an A8, should be inside the sub if there are a bunch of wires running to it (power, earth, remote on and the pre-outs), otherwise it'll be on the rear amp as this is used to power the rears & the sub.
    4. No idea what your on about. You can pick up the rear pre-outs where they enter the rear amp. Alternatively you can disconnect the rear amp and use an RCA adapter at the HU and run proper RCA's to the rear.

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