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can some one pls confirm which wiring loom i need. ??

dares_uk Mar 22, 2014

  1. dares_uk

    dares_uk Member


    i have an RSNE tobe installed next week.
    it came with a wiring loom, gps antenna etc..
    i was told the loom wasnt suitable for bose,

    so i bought another loom, asked the questions,
    was it suitable for bose, and factory bluetooth and sds.
    was told yes, so i ordered it.

    but its the same as what i have already.

    Audi A3 A4 A6 RNS-E BOSE system plug & play adapter retrofit kit | eBay
    This is what i have.
    is this right ?

    or do i need this one ?
    Audi Bluetooth SDS Wiring A3 A4 ► RNS-E Concert 8P1862335 8P0862335 8T0862335 | eBay

    and if so, why?
    and does any one know some one in the uk selling them ?

  2. dares_uk

    dares_uk Member

    cable1 copy.jpg

    Can some one tell me what this connector is for ?

    Also, i bought a glove box cd changer,
    and a cd changer lead, iso - mini iso cable,
    but confused as to how the changer gets connected and theres no where for the mini iso to go ??

    thanks for any help. :wtf:

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