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can i use engine flush?

vw754 May 22, 2008

  1. vw754

    vw754 vorsprung Durch Technik

    Getting my oil changed shortly as car has done 13,000 on same oil (longlife) can i use an engine flush prior to servicing.......which one would you guys reccomend? heres what ive used in previous cars (but not in a PD ENGINE)

    MY CAR A4 1.9 TDI 130 2002

    Diesel Engine Flush

    A synthetically fortified oil additive, designed to quickly clean inside of a car or van engine before an oil change.
    Removes harmful deposits, sludge and soot.
    Neutralises harmful acids.
    Leaves engines clean, ready for new oil to circulate freely.
    Helps to free sticking valves and piston rings.
    can be used prior to oil change works as you drive.
  2. PW-Motorsport

    PW-Motorsport Member

    I think on modern VW Audi engines you dont see the build up of sludge and crud that you would see in older engines.
    On a cars that I have not seen in the workshop before I use a product called Forte motor flush. Works well on the older engines.
  3. looking at age of your car , if it has VAG service/regular oil changes i would steer clear . Would be waste of your time and money. Modern oils have so many detergents and chemicals in them that hold the cr*p in suspension that you dont need it.
    If you use the stuff in old/high mileage engines it can cause more harm than good. It cleans out all the cr*p that has for years been stopping you rings from blowing/blocking weeping seals/stopping the tappets chattering etc . Can of engine flush turns your pride and joy into a pi$$ing pipe organ:)
    Stick with good quality oil and filter at recommended (or earlier) intervals.
  4. Probably does , but your oil (funded by £m's of R+D ) still does a better job

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