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Can I get another (old) Audi key programmed for my 8p3??

guardianstorage Dec 25, 2011

  1. guardianstorage

    guardianstorage New Member

    Hello everyone
    Just a quick one

    But before I start merry Xmas everyone!

    Just wanted to know could I get an old Audi key fob reprogrammed so I can keep it as a spare for my 8p3??
  2. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    You can have it re-programmed to lock and unlock the doors/boot but it won't start the car. The immobiliser chip is a one-off chip that cannot be re-programmed.

    The only way is to obtain the 'secret code' only known to Audi Germany and then get a new immo. chip programmed with that code. Costs min £150 from dealer.

    Merry Christmas by the way !!!
  3. guardianstorage

    guardianstorage New Member

    Thanks for the reply mate

    Really?? Bit pricey for lock and unlock lol

    So if I needed another key to start aswell , I'd need to get a duplicate key made?
    Any idea how much that is??

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