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Can Bus vag com - 3rd Party or full version?

M7R Sep 9, 2008

  1. M7R

    M7R Type Approval Engineer,

    Ive got a older version of full vag com on my laptop with a 3rd party lead, and it works very well to scan my mk4 golf, but my new audi is on the can bus system so i need to upgrade, but do I get a 3rd party lead (is this possible ebay has lots of earlier leads but no can bus ones it seems, and I dont mind manual scanning each block), or do I take the hit and get the full new version? (with the new lead work on older cars?)


  2. Issac Hunt

    Issac Hunt Active Member VCDS Map User

    Some 3rd party leads will work on CAN cars, usually only with software version 7xx though. Personally I'd buy the genuine one, it works on all cars with the latest software versions, and you also get the bonus of proper tech support from RossTech.
  3. Sebastian

    Sebastian Member

    There are no legit VCDS (formerly known as VAG-COM) CAN capable 3rd party interfaces, those are illegal copies. Originals work without being limited to certain versions, you always use the latest version which of course included bug fixes and new features from which many affect older cars as well.

    If you already have a valid license for your old version then an outright upgrade might be the best choice and your original license will be fully refunded.

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