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can anyone identify these coilovers?

egesford Feb 4, 2012

  1. egesford

    egesford Member

    i have bought some coilovers from a parts dealer on ebay, but he doesnt know what make they are. i paid £90 for them delivered on the assumption they are probably cheapies

    ive tried searching the part numbers of the parts but only getting german sites up, and would really like to know what make they are before forking out 80 quid for fitting


    part numbers are:

    front- AUD814VA 34-07
    front spring- AT180/60 34/07

    rear-AUD810HA 10-07
    rear spring- VW079 HA 09708

  2. tanjaz

    tanjaz Member

    Look like at technic mate same as race land etc... Just bought some and put them in mine last week. Search eBay they on there for £169 so ya know which ones they are.

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