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Can anyone help with Dension 100/Firmware upgrade/A3

Sadoldgit1 Sep 6, 2013

  1. Sadoldgit1

    Sadoldgit1 New Member

    I've tried to update firmware and now I have lost control of the iPOD.
    1. I have updated the firmware to GW 100 1.22 firmware update.
    2. I managed to create the playlist GW100_Update_Files_-_G1201.22[1], which contains 'GW100_Update_Files_-_G1201.22[1]' plus 616 other files.
    3. I have followed the instructions to install the firmware.
    4. Now the menu says 'AUX GW' or 'no iPOD'

    Relevant info:
    I've tried it with Ipod nano - 4th gen and iPHONE - both worked previously, neither work now.

    I'd appreciate any help that anyone could offer

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