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Can anyone advise on service cost ?

peter02 Jan 17, 2008

  1. peter02

    peter02 Member

    I apologise if I have posted this in the wrong section - only just joined.

    I was after some advice - does anyone know whether there is any benefit in going to a main dealer (Leeds area) after your car is 3 years old. My A4 2.0 SE is coming up to th service, 50k miles and service indicator is nearly on.

    Does anyone know how much the general service would be approximately/how much cheaper it would be with a specialist/and whether there are any drawbacks with not taking it to a dealer. I intend to keep the car for a few years.

    Any help and advice is much appreciated. Thanks
  2. peter02

    peter02 Member

    sorry - should read 4th service
  3. FactionOne

    FactionOne Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Welcome to the forum!

    I'm not sure on exactly how much difference there'll be in cost; but it's fair to say that if you find the right specialist, it will be pretty significant.

    Again it would depend on the specialist, but if you find the right one the only two drawbacks that stand out to me can be negated...

    Firstly - equipment - any Garage can get any tool, with the only exception being a VAS5051 diagnostics machine - a good specialist though will have VAG-COM software and an interface suitable for a car which uses CAN-BUS communication - this is as close to Audi's own kit as it comes, so no problem...

    Secondly - the stamp - so long as they're a known VAG specialist I'd say that having their stamp instead of Audi's would be as good, if not better, to have on your service-record when it eventually comes to selling the car. They're a bit of a drive down the M62 from you, but take Awesome GTI for instance. I'd be just as happy (if not happier!) to see stamps from them on a record instead of Audi. If you don't mind a little drive it might be worth a phone call - or even a quick post in the Awesome GTI forum at the bottom of the Forum index! :) ...

    Anyway, I'm sure other members can give other advice on price etc...



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