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can anybody help?

mrjheeta Oct 21, 2008

  1. mrjheeta

    mrjheeta Member

    hello fellas,

    i just bought some leather for my audi, and am trying to organise a courier. as i dont have my car at the moment (on going problems with the thing, its at the mechanics) i was hoping somebody on here would be able to measure there seats and door cards for me... basically just need the length, width and depth of the seats (obviously the driver and passenger seat isnt going to be very different and the back seat is quite simple). The door cars i just need length by width.

    the guy im buying off hasent gotten back to me yet, n im kinda getting impatient...

    if somebody could do that for me, it'd be much appreciated. if not, its not a problem, ill wait till my car comes back...

    thanks alot...

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