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can anybody help plz ?

finni1979 Feb 17, 2010

  1. finni1979

    finni1979 New Member

    my indicators do not flash when i turn the alarm on/off

    also , when i press the hazards only the left side comes on ?

    could it be the fuses or do u think it could be the relays or somthing more serious

    when i press the boot button on the key nothing happens ? never has

    how do i get the rear window wash tubes cleared as they are blocked because wash cannot pass through

    so many questions ................sorry

    i would be grateful of any advice , thanks
  2. s3gav

    s3gav Member

    my relay went on mine but never had a problem with the lights when the alarm was activated but could be relay
    boot button do you just press it or hold it down?
    if you look in the stickies theres a thread on the rear washer in there

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