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can any one help me

2010dang10 Mar 12, 2013

  1. 2010dang10

    2010dang10 New Member

    Hi to all sorry for not replying back to all.New to site not good with pc lol
    got my audi s3 about 1 year ago now.Done bit of work to it on the engine new pipe work an wish bones track arms ECT an new miltex exhaust wheels repainted an car repainted cleaning post pichers soon, would off got it remaped at the GTI show this year but not looking good for me

    tranction control fault will NOT trun off.
    No light on dash at all. ESP light come's on when you start the car but then goes off as should do.Can not trun it off on the dash.Found no rearer diff earth strap REPLACED still not working checked some more an found some burnt wiring in the boot REPAIRED still not working checked the in line fuse on top of the battery found that it was burnt a bit but still power coming out.Car is grabing around sharp corners haldex clutch not working.Have had the car off the ground and all for wheels turned but could hold the ones that should off not turned is this right.put it in 2nd gear an stalled as should do.Put hand brake on working as should do.Go around in a corner pull hand brake work's as should do.So haldex i think is sort of working,AM I RIGTH IN SAYING THAT HALDEX IS SORT OF WORKING had the car faults scanned and lots came up

    01314 engaine control module/00778 steering angle sensor/01276 ABS pump/17841 second air pump/17840second air int valve/16486 mass air flow/16711 knock sensor

    an fault's will not clear.Do you think that my ECU has gone wrong ABS light come on 3 time today and then went out after a bit of time.First time i have seen this light on,On the car.When car is wheel spining there is on tranction control light flashing on dash.Has anyone had this sort of fault befor. Can some one send me pictures of how to remove the air pump an the INT valve on top of the engine 1.8 20v fault code 17841/17840 i take that i can remove this as people are saying that you can is this right.
  2. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro s tronic Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    What year is your Audi? We can then move this post to the section you need to get help. :) x
  3. 2010dang10

    2010dang10 New Member

    it is a 2000 on a W plate


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