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Camshaft Repacement Kit AVF Engine.

TwinCamMan Apr 3, 2012

  1. TwinCamMan

    TwinCamMan Member

    I've diagnosed my uncles car with a worn lobe on the camshaft of his AVF 1.9 Tdi (130 bhp) engine. I contacted the Audi/Seat/Skoda/VW dealers in my area and have quotes for €950 to €1000 for the parts. :wtf: This price is only for the parts, I was going to put it in myself. This is a common enough problem so there has to be someone else who does the camshaft kit, but I can't seem to find them for the AVF engine. Does anybody know where these kits are being sold?

    If anyone has done this, is there anything I need to lookout for? I'll be doing the timing belt at the same time and have no problem with that aspect of it.

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